Monday, December 13, 2010

ProCamera 3.0 (iPhone)

ProCamera, the ultimate photo and video app, sets new standards in iPhotography once again.
Winner of the GIZMODO Photo App Award 2010, Apple's Staff Favorite and 'Best App Development' award winner at the iPhone DevCon 2010 in Cologne, Germany.

ProCamera 3.0 will make you love using your iPhone/iPod to take photos and videos. Great features, packed into a beautiful and intuitive design. Wether you're a dedicated iPhotographer or someone who just captures videos now and then.

★ ProCamera's exclusive Expert Mode for separate focus/exposure and White Balance adjustment gives you full control over your camera hardware.

★ You're a fan of photo effects? Then you'll love the new ProCamera 3.0 feature set! Reveal your creativity and experience ProCamera 3.0's amazing one-touch effects right now.

★ With our new ProFX Studio you'll be able to transform any picture with a single tap into beautiful art. Powered by the most advanced OpenGL technology, there have never been such astonishing effects paired with high-speed performance.

★ The enhanced ProLab introduces scene modes and auto-improvements to get even more out of your photos. Make your photos look brilliant with vivid colors by adjusting options manually or simply tapping one of the intelligent auto-buttons to let ProCamera 3.0 do the magic.

★ Use the ProCut Studio to fix crooked pictures, rotate and flip them horizontally or vertically.
Select the best part or choose one of our pre-defined aspect ratios (1:1, 16:9, 4:3, 3:2, Golden-Ratio).

★ Extended Geotagging with compass direction and full EXIF storage and view.

★ Other essential features: Anti-Shake stabilizer, 5x HQ Digital Zoom, Virtual Horizon, alignment grids, digital Flash and many more.

Started as the first camera app on the App Store (2008), ProCamera brought simple and useful camera enhancements and has evolved into a full-featured, all-in-one photo and video app.

And we're not done yet. Watch out for our free updates!


➜ Have a look at our website to see all of ProCamera‘s great features:


➜ We'd love to receive your feedback and suggestions for future updates.

➜ Our support team is available 24/7 to answer all of your questions.


ProCamera is compatible with iPod Touch, iPhone 3G, iPhone 3GS and iPhone 4 on iOS 4 and above. Video-Recording, ProFX, focus, exposure and white balance control require an iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4 or iPod Touch 4th generation. The extended compass-geotagging requires an iPhone 3GS or iPhone 4.


Phone Security for iPhone and iPod Touch - Pro 2.3


The most impressive and realistic fingerprint security application on the market. Check out the screen shots and see for yourself. You will not be disappointed !!!

Blow away your friends and family with how cool the iPhone or iPod touch is. Make them think that the iPhone or iPod touch actually has fingerprint recognition capabilities. Watch their expression of awe as you are granted access while when they try it, the alarm goes off and access is denied. “Priceless”.

- For entertainment purposes only - 

See a fingerprint on the surface and watch it move on the screen along with your finger.
The scan will either grant access to the device or sound a loud alarm depending on who uses it. You can control the outcome of the scan. Read the info page to find out how. 

Put your device on stand by (top button) while the application is running and after you have selected the access denied option. When somebody tries to use your device, the first thing they see will be the fingerprint scan prompt. If they are not familiar with how the iPhone/iPod Touch works, they will keep getting the access denied alarm and assume that the fingerprint scan is necessary to gain access.

Once the new technology of fingerprint recognition comes to the iPhone/iPod Touch, we will strive to be the first to try and integrate this application to full functionality. It will be your security and protect your phone. Get it now while it stays cheap !!


AutoStitch Panorama Version: 3.1 (iPhone)


AutoStitch brings high-resolution, wide-angle photography to your iPhone or iPod Touch.

Have you ever wanted to capture a wider view in a photo? Do you sometimes wish you had a better camera? Using AutoStitch, you can:

- Combine multiple images to produce wide-angle panoramas with no visible seams
- Create spectacular high-resolution images of up to 18 megapixels

AutoStitch is the only app that can stitch images in any order or arrangement, including vertical, horizontal, or mixed arrangements. It produces much higher resolution images than other photo apps: up to 5 megapixels on the iPhone 2G/3G, and up to 18 megapixels on the iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, or new iPod Touch.

To get started, use any camera app to snap some overlapping photos from the same location. Then simply select the photos you wish to combine in the AutoStitch app and touch "Stitch". AutoStitch uses state-of-the-art algorithms that automatically recognize and smoothly combine overlapping images, making panorama creation on the iPhone easy, fast and fun.


- Simple and intuitive interface. Just select images and touch "Stitch"
- Works with any arrangement of overlapping images taken from a single location
- Stitch any number from 2 to 20 or more images
- Crop the result with automatic or manual cropping
- High-quality blending option reduces blur where photos overlap

What's New in Version 3.1
- New icon and features for the retina display
- Allows background stitching while running other apps
- Optimizations for the new iPod Touch with camera
- Bug fixes and interface improvements


Music PlayerPro v1.20 

PlayerPro is an advanced music player for Android 2.x devices.

- Browse by albums/artists/genres/songs/playlists/folders
- Download album artwork/artist pictures/genre illustrations
- Grid/list views
- Album/artist infos
- Lyrics
- Home/LockScreen widgets
- Scrobbler
- Sleep timer

- Sleep timer: stops playback after timer. "Fade out" and "Play last song till end" options.
- Headset "Auto start playback" when plugged in.
- Use artist picture instead of album artwork if missing.
- Deactivate lockscreen swipe gestures via option.
- Bug fixes.


Skyfire Web Browser v3.0.1 (Android)

Welcome to the First Mobile Browser for the Social Networking Generation

• Vibrant Video 
• Popular Content 
• FireplaceTM Feed Reader 
• Facebook Portal Integration
• Facebook Like Button 
• Skyfire Search

Recent changes:
* Move to SD Card: FroYo (Android OS 2.2) and later devices.
* Improved Download Workflow: File download will happen in background and notification will be automatically placed in the system tray. 
* Upload file: FroYo (Android OS 2.2) and later.
* Crash Reporting: Send us anonymous logs to Skyfire 


Sunday, October 10, 2010

Foreca ForecaWeather v1.4.4 S60V5

ForecaWeather provides current conditions, 10 day weather forecasts and various weather animations for any location world-wide. You can choose from over 140.000 hand picked locations or you can retrieve forecasts for your current location using your phone's GPS. You can also use the Landmarks in your phone or you can enter a new location by coordinates. ForecaWeather lets you display a 10-day forecast in your phone's calendar as memos.

ForecaWeather features the following Foreca mobile produts:

* Current conditions
* Detailed forecast with 6h time-steps
* Long 10 day forecast
* Weather radar (North Europe and USA)
* Temperature forecast map
* Precipitation forecast map
* Symbol map
* Wind forecast map
* Cloudiness forecast map
* Satellite images

Graphical products are available as still images and animations. Requirements
You need an Internet/GPRS data subscription to be able to download the weather data. Contact your mobile operator for details and applicable fees. You can also use Wi-Fi connection, if your phone supports Wi-Fi.
If you want to use the positioning features, you need a phone which supports GPS or network based positioning.